Friday, 22 March 2013

Conquering Milestones and Disasters

We will start with the disaster.

Need I say more.

Well perhaps I had, a little anyway.  This isn't Elsa's leg, it's Mike's, you may have sussed really.  The bad news is he can not go any further in something he has trained so hard for and is now in a fair bit of pain.  But it isn't a break, it's torn ligament damage. I do think the ligament damage is quite bad and will probably take longer to recover from than a break!  Let's just hope some extreme TLC will have the swelling down and treatable within no time.  The daft thing is he was being the lovely guy he is and helping someone else when he went through a puddle and turned his ankle.  Isn't that always the way?  He wasn't the first casualty and certainly wasn't the last, he was in good company!

The weather has been atrocious for the past 24 hours at least.  Last night was torrential rain and everything out there, already really sodden, is now very slippery, sticky and really rather unpleasant.  You will always hear people bemoaning being on wet clay, well wet chalk can and is just as bad.  Small particles make horrid gloop and it soon sticks to shoes and makes heavy going.

And that is what Elsa had to keep doing.  She carried on without Mike at her side, through the gloop and the oncoming wind, and the torrential downpours, and she completed her first marathon...

26.4 miles in 7hours and 20 minutes!! 

And I am SOOOOO proud of her.  She has gone a third the way through this gruelling thing and is on a positive for tomorrow, despite the aches and pains and weather forecasts.  

Please, please. PLEASE keep sending her your good thoughts for tomorrow, she really needs them now and at sometime around 13.00 she should, hopefully, pass the halfway point!!



  1. Owwwwwww! That looks gruesome! Torn ligaments are often slow healers. Mabe it will need immobilising for a while? I hope your daughter keeps safe over the weekend. These conditions are scary. She deserves double sponsorship!

  2. Everything crossed for today. Rain looks as heavy today as it did yesterday so wishing all the luck. Well done to your girl. The first of anything is a major achievement. Hope Mike will not be in too much pain and it mends quickly. Thinking of you all.

  3. Hope Mike's ankle improves quickly, I understand it's very painful. Not surprised your proud of your daughter, hope she does well today.

  4. Poor Mike, ligaments can take ages to heal. Who could have known what the weather would be like when the event was organised? Good luck to Elsa for the rest of the weekend.

  5. Thank you all. The bruising is horrible, I won't be putting those photos on the blog you will be pleased to hear!


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