Thursday, 21 March 2013

Nearly There!!!

Oh yes!! Very nearly there!! And I'm sure the collywobbles are just setting in.

We are so fortunate to live near the most beautiful coast line.  So beautiful in fact it has World Hertitage status as the Jurassic Coast. And this is what it looks like, the tiny little ribbon of Coastal Path including steps.

Just a very beautiful part of the world.  And really rather uppy downy in quite short distances.  I'm not a runner, or even a walker, so I don't know whether it's better to have short ups that you know there is a down coming soon or long ups that you know once they are conquered it's downhill all the way. Whichever I know this looks pretty scary to me. (And due to the way our knees are configured or abused in the past, me gardening for 30 years and John water skiing, I dont like ups and he doesn't like downs!).

And here is Mike on a training session with a view of Portland Bill behind him which I am sure they are both very much looking forward to seeing receding into the distance on Day Two!!!

Thank you for your support and wishes for them.  I am very humbled by the amount of money that has been donated to them both for our wonderful and very deserving service personal needing help through Help For Heroes.

I will, of course, hopefully be boring the pants off you all over the next few days as I share my pride in these two who both have their own little obstacles to overcome to do this for others.  (Love you both!! xx)

Elsa's Donation Page
Mike's Donation Page

The Jurassic Coast Challenge page

Thank you.



  1. and fingers crossed the weather stays kind for them too :}

    1. Thanks Bilbo. It's pouring down here at the mo so it's going to be rather slippery. I just hope there are no accidents. :-/

  2. Wish them the very best of luck and I too hope the weather doesn't go against them.


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