Saturday, 23 March 2013

Marathon Day 2!!!!!!!!!!

And she is still at it!!!! 

This is coming into  Osmington Mills this afternoon for checkpoint 3 of the day with Grahame, her now running partner. (They do, apparently, tell each other to get on with it!  Quitting is not an option sort of thing.). 

A brief lovely smile from my little girl. 

 And a cuddle with Mike and crutches. (He may be gutted he is not at her side but, as always, he is a superb support and husband).

She has done fantastically well with today's time at 7 hours and 46 minutes.  Now I know these are not London marathon times, but this is so far removed from the London marathon it's not funny!  This terrain is serious stuff, not nice flat concrete streets.  The photo below is of Elsa and Grahame going up one of the smaller inclines!  I would think twice aout walking it on a good day!!

Again, please wish them on for their last day tomorrow, I am so proud of my little girl!!



  1. Oh poor Mike, Elsa must have been torn between staying with him and going on alone. Can you do a quick summary post - just HOW far? Just HOW long? Just HOW many are doing it? And please tell Elsa that blog land is behind her :-)


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