Thursday, 7 March 2013

Steep Learning Curve

Thank you for all your comments and emails about my struggles with the Mac and especially the photos issue.  I have tried all versions suggested and a couple of other ways.  I know half the problem is finding my way around to start with, but I'm working on it.

I can become a little paranoid over picture sizes for two reasons.
1) We have a very, very slow internet speed.  (Max acceptable distance from the exchange is 6km, we are 6.6km so shouldn't have any at all to be honest.)  If I click on a web page that is extremely photo heavy it can take so long everything freezes.  It's very frustrating but that is what I have to deal with.  If a blog has fat photos I quite often skip the post totally after a minute or two.
2) There is only so much space out there and fairly recently I have seen several Bloggers panic now they have filled their allotted space.  I don't want to reach that position if I can help it even though Blogger has upped the storage amount.

I think not dealing with your photos before just slapping them on the internet is a little selfish so I really need to find a way I can sort this.  iPhoto doesn't even come close to the ease of using Office Picture Manager, and I have tried, but when they converted Office to a Mac version they happened to forget to change PM too. I am currently having a play with JPEGmini Lite and the following were done with it.  Very easy but it is only a compression package, 20 a day for free, and it will change the originals too but they look the same and I don't need to blow them up for printing to cover a building!! Perfectly fine for the blog.

My only other gripe at the moment is the size of the teeny weeny pictures in the Finder.  How do I know which photos I want to preview if I can't even see them?  (Windows has several sizes on offer and they just stay that size when you open the folders so you can see the things!) If anyone knows if there is a way and how to have thumbnails I can actually see I would be grateful.


Yesterday's afternoon book listening had me fiddling around with some Flimsie...  

 threads and snipping scraps...

a hand needle felting tool.

 A little bit of stitch

 And a couple of Portugese Escudo's for a little weight and I made a scissor Fob.

These are my lovely new Karen Kay-Buckley scissors which I don't want to go the same way as a couple of my other favourite pairs, dropped as always on the points.  Fobs are supposed to keep them handles down when falling!! And if you are with me on Facebook I do hope you have stopped laughing at me and my 'fetish' as one lovely friend called it!!!  I only have a few pairs. Honest. Ish.

Paint sploshing is on the agenda now.



  1. Your fob is so pretty, but dropping scissors hasn't been as much of a problem with me as losing them. When my children were small, I could never find any of my "good" scissors, so I assumed that they took them and hid them. Unfortunately, when they grew up and moved away, I realized that the culprit was me-I still can't find my scissors half of the time!

    1. My children still flinch and the 'don't you dare touch those scissors!' glare. They are 24 and 26 but they still ask! lol You will have to make some king size fobs. :-)

  2. I don't have a Mac but my DH does. He's still getting used to some aspects of it and we tend to fumble through some parts of it. When Finder opens he double clicks on Pictures first then he clicks on Photos (under media) and finds the photo he wants. He then clicks on the flag in the left corner so that they are easier to find when he comes to upload them. Is that any help? I don't know how to get good size images as thumbnails unless hitting Command and + together will make the box bigger. Have I been spouting a complete load of rubbish ;-)

    1. Thanks Julie. I have tried the flag thing but you still have to see the photos you want to flag by clicking on each of them. I'm amazed they think having a strip of 3mm x 2mm pictures is good enough.

  3. Can't help you out there I am afraid. It has to be really basic for me to even understand the simplest of instructions. My poor daughter got back from her holiday to a long list of things to put right. Thank goodnes she knows how to do these things. It made my poor brain hurt.

    Love the scissor fob. If I emptied all my project bags and boxes I expect I would find quite a few pairs of scissors.

    1. Yes, I'm figuring out some of the other advantages of having children!!! Lol

      Sadly there are more than a natural amount of scissors in this house. It's not a problem. I don't become possessive. I can cope. ……..

  4. The fob is a wonderful idea, and beautiful too.

    Your 'thumbnail' problem is easily solved and I will email you directly.

  5. I understand that physical size and computer "size" of photos are not the same, but that's my limit. I've been blogging fom my iPhone (because I can't work out how to transfer from phone to oc without spending hours on iTunes) - how do my pages load for you?

  6. enjoying your blog very much Amo! this particular post was of interest to me because I have the same problem so was delighted to see comments about it and hoping for a solution - imagine my disappointment when your friend Bilbo said it's easily solved but didn't share. can you tell me the answer? :)


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