Sunday, 3 March 2013

Once You've Had a Mac...

...You'll never go back.  Apparently.  According to dear Daughter Elsa.  I'm still struggling to stay still or inch forward let alone go back.  

The PC has been complaining lately and thrown a couple of hissy fits.  Last week it totally refused to go past the initial screen on switch on and after several hours I managed to convince it to fully start up.  Having totally lost everything on computers a couple of times before we decided to go for a replacement while the old one was still alive and kicking.  The migration over, a nice easy process all done without any hassle, took a mere 26 hours.  !  They then don't tell you where to find all your old, migrated stuff.   And then when you restart there it all is, in it's own little hidey hole totally unconnected with anything you've already managed to flounder your way around.  A search online eventually tells you how to 'share' stuff, but do make sure you're in the right user to start with, then you can open and delete stuff.  No thanks, I'll work with two of me for a little while until I'm sure I know who/where/what I am.

Now it's just the screaming and hair pulling part of finding that the Mac is totally the wrong way around and nothing is ever simple.  

I have some photos to show you but it has taken me nearly two hours to open them, view them, edit them and compress them on this computer, a two minute job on the PC.  Yes the air is a little blue and I can feel fresh ulcers growing as I try and gather this new information by using menus that pop up and down and disappear at will and all the wrong wording.  (Send to Trash instead of just Delete?? Really???)

So, without further ado, here is a little hanging I made trying out the trapunto technique shown by Michèle-Renée HERE.
18 x 27 inches

I've wanted to do a white piece for some time.  However I think it could be my last!  It was a nightmare keeping it clean!

The colour triangles are from my full collection of Oakshot fabrics.  Yes I opened the box and used some!! It was also the first time I had used my soluble thread that has been sitting in the drawer for years!!

I thought it was sort of reminiscent of an unfurling fern frond.  John calls it the spine.

I have also chopped, bonded and layered a few of these.

But perhaps more about them another time.

For now I have spent far, far too long on this computer trying to work things out and before I really do something to it I will regret, I'm going to play elsewhere!

Have a great Sunday.



  1. Wow, it looks fantastic, Amanda! Gorgeous!

  2. Love it! What a lot of work and creativity!
    We've had Macs since the early 90's, can't imagine ever having anything else.

  3. Lovely piece of work. No chance of me doing anything white with a black cat! You'll come to love your Mac if you just let yourself forget the PC and immerse yourself in Mac world. I've never had a PC, except at work and it used to drive me crazy.

  4. Gorgeous wall-hanging :}

    I remember how frustrating I initially found it (especially sorting out photos) when I moved from a PC to an iMac. That was 18 months ago and whilst I still occasionally use a windows-based laptop there's no way I'd give up the Mac now. Hang in there, it really does get better :}

  5. At my age Amanda I would hate to have to relearn everything. I have Linux ubuntu as an operating system and I find it so much easier that MS.

    Love your white work the coloured spines on the white background are so striking.

  6. Having great difficulty mastering the iPad particularly downloads but would be lost without it now. Like all things it is just getting used to it before something else takes over. Love the spine/frond and the trap unto has worked well.

  7. I really like the hangings. I'm tempted to try one myself....could I fit in another project? Mmmm....

  8. Hi seems I arrived in the nick of time. I had exactly the same problems with the mac. I do love it but the resizing of photos for blogging issue drove me round the bend.
    It was solved for me at the store (I paid for 'one to one') and was done like this:
    -in iphoto select the pictures you want for your blog.
    -click 'email' in bottom right
    - a pop up will appear asking what size you want. I choose medium. You can see th size of th etotal email underneath and its gives you an idea.
    -Click 'compose message' an email window will appear.
    -Slide it to one side and close iphoto and any other un-needed window(probably the inbox one)
    -Now you can drag the pictures onto your desktop. I usually create a new folder for them then when I blog I select from that folder and afterwards I put the whole thing into a 'resized pics folder on my desktop.

    It sounds fiddly but its quite straightforward when you get used to it. (If you have an easier way I'd be delighted to hear it!)
    And with such wonderful pictures you need a quick way to upload as many as possible! Your quilts are lovely.

  9. Jackie, there is a way which I confess I don't use (am a PhotoShop fan) but if you don't want to install any additional software but use just what comes with the Mac OS you might like to try:

    Open picture file in PREVIEW.
    Click on Tools, then Adjust Size (4th option down on my menu)
    You have a dialogue box which should be self-explanatory, click on the first drop-down (Fit into) and select the size you want. 1024 x 768 is a reasonable selection for blogs now that Google has upped our storage to 5GB. At the bottom of the dialogue box you will see a section telling you the 'Resulting Size' and you can see how much smaller your image is in percentage terms too.

    When you save this you might want to create a new file name or put in a different directory (perhaps one for Blog Pictures?) in order to preserve your original image.

    I think Preview is one of the unsung heroes of the Mac OS, the annotate feature is very simple to use, you can crop and edit images and do some basic colour correction.

    Hope this helps.

  10. Thank you all for your replies, and help!!! I will be investigating further. I am trying really hard to pace myself doing this change over. It is so easy to drown in it all, become very lost and disillusioned and then cross as I haven't done anything else other than sit here!!!!

    Playtime in the studio for a bit I think. :-)

  11. Oooooh, good luck with the new computer. I have n iPad and and iPhone which I love to use, but setting them up was really hard, apple uses some strange logic! The flying geese are lovely!


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