Sunday, 24 March 2013

Marathon Info for Benta!

As she asked so nicely...

Can you do a quick summary post - 

Just HOW far?   
In total it is 78.6 miles!  Mostly cross country with a little road work. 
Day 1 = 26.40 miles
Day 2 = 26.78 miles
Day 3 = 27.78 miles (this ended up nearer 29)

Just HOW long? 
Elsa is not a speed runner but sets herself a good pace to complete the task in hand bearing in mind that she has to keep this up for three days.

Day 1 = 7 hours 20 minutes
Day 2 = 7 hours 40 minutes
Day 3 = Is being run now (9 hours 59 mins 59 secs see next post!)

Just HOW many are doing it?

I haven't all the info as yet, they are not published until after the race.  Roughly 3,300 started the courses on Day 1.  There are lots and lots taking part who only do one of the days.  It will be interesting to see how many registered to do all three and how many finished all three days.

There are several groups like the serious full on runners, the runners with walking (Elsa and Mike), the walkers with running and the walkers etc.

Whatever the numbers Elsa has given it her all and she is certainly the Number One around here. 

I must just say that Mike has carried on being a full member of the team, even though it is from the sidelines, and supported Elsa 110%.  His leg and foot are black and blue and still very painful but he has been on the course where ever he could to cheer her on.  (It's his left foot and he drives an automatic and he is forgoing any dangerous painkillers at the moment so he is safe.)

I should also say a thank you to Grahame, one of Mike's work colleagues  who has run with Elsa all the way pushing her on and she him.  

The end is in site and she should be nearing the finish line at Shell Bay at some time after 4pm.
Then it's medals and home for a long bath and glass of wine!!! 




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