Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Can You See Clearly?

We can't here and it's such a shame.  The Lunar Eclipse was this morning between 07.00 and 08.50 and the cloud is so thick.  It's nice to know Mother Nature can do such spectacular things and then throw a spanner in the works like cloud!

I have finished wrapping and dressing and cooking and Christmas can't happen soon enough now.  Even the Sky Box is set to record all the things we will gradually watch through the year rather than all at once.

Why is it we have all these wonderful ideas of what we can make for Christmas about now when time is running out.  I've started to gather a pile of ideas, patterns, sketches and downloads of things I would like to do and I will put it somewhere where I can dip into it later next year.  One of my main projects will be a tree skirt for us!  I did one for Elsa last year but ours is still an old bought one as you can see.  When the new workroom (I can't bring myself to call it a studio!) is built it will be one of the first things to tackle.

Have a wonderful Shortest Day and may your planetary New Year begin tomorrow with a few extra moments of daytime creating!!



  1. It was cloudy here, as well as being too late for this lady to stay up!

  2. We didn't see anything either! What a beautiful dog you have! Must say, he's a bit better looking than my beast! x

  3. I got up too late to see it which was a pity as it was not cloudy here. Good luck on getting organised early next year!! Love the video of the birds.

  4. I won't tell him you said that Jacky, his head will grow!!


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