Friday, 3 December 2010

It's Snow Joke

Well I guess you all have your own snow stories.  We've only just had ours arrive.  I really do believe that this part of Dorset is quite often in a slightly different time line to the rest of the planet.  I won't inundate you with photos.  It's white everywhere and quite often very beautiful.  I have the Hellebores out and was going to take photos of them but they are now under  blanket of the white stuff and I'm not going to disturb them.

There is a possibility that my friend Gilly will be holding an exhibition and sale of work next week, this is weather permitting I'm sure, and she has asked if I could put in some of my quilts and bits.  Trouble is I don't sell my stuff so I have been making things that could be sold just to raise a little cash for the Royal Signals Benevolent Fund at the local camp, every penny counts. So far I have made the following.

Aquarium cards A5 size.  I took the photos after I put them in the cellophane wrappers so they are a bit shiny.

 Some quick baubles from panel fabric.  They remind me of ravioli!

And some Teabag Wallets.

I have other bits on order to make more things but whether they arrive in time is another thing. 

I did have these DVD's arrive in the post so a great time reading through them will be next on the list! 

I hope you are all staying safe and warm.



  1. Très jolies voir "Fonds Marin". J'aime bien aussi vos petites babioles "décor de Noël" et vos petits portefeuilles. Votre amie sera contente.
    Chez nous aussi, beaucoup de neige et de froid.
    Bon week end.

  2. We are nestled in under 6 inches of snow in the heartland of the USA! The world looks so clean and peaceful after a snowfall, especially the first! If only the snow could clean all the hate and violence from our world.

  3. Best looking ravioli I've seen in a long time! Lovely things for an excellent cause.

  4. Great looking gifts that should sell really well


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