Sunday, 28 November 2010

Oh My, Not What I Expected At All!

The lovely Benta at SLIK Stitches was kind enough to give me an award this week.

There is the catch that I am suppose to tell you ten things about myself. I have really struggled to think of ten things! Well here goes anyway. lol

1) The Obstetrician who looked after my mum and delivered me also looked after me and oversaw the delivery of my daughter. (He had enormous hands!).

2) When I was five I applied to be a presenter on Blue Peter. I had a personal reply from Biddy Baxter herself, something which I believe she was well known for.

3) I had one of my paintings shown on Vision On and two on Take Hart. I adored Tony Hart!

4) I was always convinced I could make something from all the bits in the big box that my mum kept in the bottom of the cupboard.  It was mostly unusable old plugs, wire, fuses, screws etc but if I added the contents of the button box something miraculous would be made! Or so I thought.  I still look at most things with an eye to what else I can use it for. 

5) I joined the Girls Nautical Training Corps at 13.  Later I did go through the process of all the aptitude tests etc for the Navy too, which I passed with flying colours, I just failed the medical through bad spinal discs. I was gutted.

6) One of the courses we could do in the GNTC was ropework, handy when dealing with boats and, because I was already quite crafty, I soon qualified to teach Ropecraft.  It is so cool when you are that age to teach 'grown ups' how to tie proper knots and make rope fenders and I was allowed to wear a very fancy lanyard on my uniform.

7) I did a lot of training with the RNLI and was one of the first females allowed to do some of this.  I was only 14/15 though so it was never recognised except in my Duke of Edinburgh's Award book.  But I have been thrown out of life boats and winched up to helicopters and set off flares and made lots of hot soup and cups of tea!  All wonderful experiences.

8) I did my school Trident experience in a motorcycle shop learning to put bikes through their MOT's. (Again quite a few cups of tea had to be made!  I am now terrible at making tea.)

9) I used to do fencing.  No the type involving creosote but the swords type.  Loved it, great exercise and fabulous for airing frustrations.  

10) Better late than never, despite always having been invloved with motorcycles, I actually passed my full motorcycle licence when I was 36.  I much prefer cars now though! 

I hope that didn't bore you.  Thank you again Benta and sorry it took so long, it was hard work! 

I hope you all have a great Sunday.



  1. Congratulations, an interesting collection of facts.

  2. Great reading. Biddy Baxter eh, cool. I still have my Blue Peter badge from the 70's, and remember watching them bury the time capsule, and then watching with my kids when it was dug up again!! I'm looking forward to Kate's next set of instructions!


  3. Quite interesting, Amo! Always fascinating to me to look into how other folks grow up. Quite a bit different than a girl's life in the midwest of USA!


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