Monday, 1 November 2010

Now November

I'm not a fan of Halloween.  It may be a traditional Celtic celebration to celebrate the end of the summer half of the year and the start of the winter half, which I don't mind, it's just been so hugely lost in commercialism and silliness (don't mention the Hollywood factor) that I don't find it enjoyable.  But it does mean that there are 54 days from All Saints Day until Christmas.  Don't panic!

We also have Guy Fawkes night on the 5th.  Now this one I have always enjoyed.  It is my sons birthday on 2nd and his dads on 5th so we always had a huge party and bonfire to celebrate.  Very panicky to organise but after you've done it a few times, it becomes easier.  And this date to me means all the rest is done and I can stop grumbling about the Christmas adverts on the telly (since September) and begin the run up proper.  They have my permission. lol

I managed a little sewing last night.  I put just the one border on the Mystery Monday quilt in the mid patterned green as I had a lot of that left over and I will do the binding in the dark background when it is quilted. I did think of doing a crumb catcher insert but it cut off the points I had spent a lot of time making sharp, so that went out of the window.  Sorry no picture, it's put away safe from the chaos upstairs.  Just remind me where I put it when I can't find it will you?  New MM quilt starts soon.  *EDIT*  Chris has just posted MM3, a quickie for Christmas.

I also took the side strip off the Stay at Home Robin and simply turned it upside down.  Part of the problem was the nap in the velvet being in the opposite direction.  Sort of rubbed me the wrong way.  It turns out that not only did it look better but the chequer squares matched up!  Pleased with that.  I will put up a picture once Kate has told us what we are doing this month and I have done it.

I also arranged and started sewing some blocks of another quilt I had cut.  Quite pleasing to do in baby blocks.  If anything it is also making me use the room where all my things are at the moment.  I would go nuts if I didn't have the sewing to do and I have to clear my head of the 'I can wait until the new room is built' thing as that could be another 4 months away.  It's just keeping track of where things are as I move them!

As these posts always look a little lost without a picture I thought I'd just throw this one from last November when Ruger thought he preferred Tully's bed.  She didn't agree.  They both have an enormous wicker bed to share now and are much happier.

Have a good week.


  1. Hi Amo - I am with you on the Halloween lark and find it a bit irritating also - but as you say not long until Christmas now!
    I haven't got a sewing room at home as such, so accumulate a pile of stuff on my end of the sofa. I have taken the sewing machine over to the shop as it is a much easier space to work in.
    Talking about Christmas and television, why do all the furniture stores think we all want/need a new sofa for Christmas ? LOL !

  2. I can do the piles of stuff too and I do have a sewing room ish. I'm starting to scare myself about the amount I have collected in just 18 months.

    You need a new sofa so all those people who you never see at any other time of the year can come around and eat and drink you out of house and home and leave crisps and chocolate down the side of it. lol

  3. Sounds like the bonfires were fun! I love November, as it is my birthday month! You have been busy sewing, which is what the cooler months are all about anyway!

  4. Halloween really seems to have taken off now, just another money making venture if you ask me. Thanks for the reminder that Christmas is not so far away, I must go off and panic.


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