Friday, 5 November 2010

It Was Worth It!

In the major turn around that we have been doing here I've found all sorts of things.  But I've also gone into memory brain overload and can't remember where I've put anything!  I have labelled boxes but it's not the same as knowing where something is because it's the thing you use a lot and put it down in the same place all the time.  My work space may look like chaos to the untrained eye but it is an actually logical space to work.  I am working on it though!

I found a bag of cut diamonds from Jinny Beyer border prints, yes another one of her patterns, and Monday and Tuesday I put them together and I now have this lap top to quilt.

I have also chosen my fabrics for the quick Christmas Mystery Mondays 3.  You can't see in the photo but the white has really sparkly gold all over it and is lovely and I just couldn't resist the red stars! 

I also had my first skein of wool from Debbie.  Quite an exciting colour and very subtle changes and oh so beautifully soft.  I will hunt out the swift later and wind it up.

And the reason why we needed the room and the change around arrived on Wednesday.  It was like waiting for a baby to arrive!  I've spent quite a bit of time practising, it feels very different from the Nolting, much heavier for a start, and now I've jumped in.  Here it is loaded with MM 2 as my first piece.  Well I have to start somewhere!  Just waiting for it to tell me it's name.

I have all this going on and we have Chris and Mike are here over the weekend, fishing tomorrow weather permitting, and a whopping urge to have a scribble in my C&G sketchbook.  Anyone any idea where I put that????



  1. How marvelous! Enjoy playing/creating with your HandiQuilter!

  2. Just love the quilt ... I was wondering how on earth you find the patience to hand quilt it when I scrolled down and saw your new toy ... now I know why you're excited.
    I adore quilts but I'm not very good at making them. I've had one tacked together for 11 years now and every winter I vow I will quilt it, but it never happens ... too much time spent on C&G instead!!!!

  3. Wow that is some machine. Lovely Jinny Beyer quilt too.

  4. Your sketchbook is on the windowsill - I can see it!

  5. Thanks for finding that Val, I knew it was somewhere!!

    I'm in two minds about doing the JB quilt on the Avante, I don't want to wreck it! Mind you I think it would be all straight line quilting so maybe a little practice with the rulers first.


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