Friday, 26 November 2010

Testing, testing

Just seeing if the BlogPress does what it says it will and let me post photos to the blog from iPad.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


  1. What a cute little friend! I hope you are all over your illness!

  2. Lovely picture - hope you are 100% again! x

  3. I have no idea what any of that means, but that's a great photo :-)

  4. Feeling 110% now, thank you all. And she is my faithful sewing companion, always near something stitchy.

    I'm pleased they finally released an app that can do the blog with iPad. Up to now we could only post and not add photos. Fully mobile now though!!

  5. She's gorgeous. I have a Jack Russell too and she's my shadow. She's getting old now and sometimes she doesn't realise where I am, and I find her sitting on the doorstep of my studio because she knows that's where I usually am. Such faithful friends, what would life be without animals.
    Glad you're feeling better.


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