Monday, 22 November 2010

At Last a Little Action

It seems to have taken ages to find the enthusiasm to create again.  I often think that being ill could be a nice excuse to hide away from boring day to day things and sneak in some extra stitching.  But no.  I think some of the things we take for coughs and colds include a lethargy inducer.  It’s all behind me now though and Chirstmas has been calling.

John took me down to Highcliffe Castle to see the Stitch and Turn exhibition of Heather Lipscombe and Ken Briffett.  Heather is an outstanding needlewoman and her pieces are wonderful.  The detail and techniques really something to aspire to, I just wish I could be one of her students! 

After the exhibition we took the dogs down onto Highcliffe beach for a charge around and saw this flock of oystercatchers flying along the breaker line.  The whole flock undulated as the waves rose beneath them, it was quite a site.

I have been making a few more bits for Chrismas, most of which I can’t show, yet anyway.  I have kept up with the Mystery Monday and the Magical Minis but I have also had a little play.  

The last Jinny Beyer newsletter included a pattern to make this unusual pincusion.  John thinks it's supposed to be a starfish and I think I agree with him!  Different! 

We also had a wonderful treat of visiting the studio of Marie Roper in the DMTV last week where she gave us a demo of how she made her dolls.  I don't like dolls usually, I never have done, I think it's the humanising but I was surprised at how I liked Marie's.  Perhaps it's because they are more of a characteur than trying to be too real.  Anyway, I couldn't resist a go at her technique and this is my madam.

If you are not a member of the website, I can not recommend it enough.

Off to watch Iron Man 2 now. 



  1. I like the creative pincushion and your madam. Well done.

  2. Glad you're starting to feel better! I think your doll is delightful, so full of character.

  3. So glad that you are feeling better! I love the little pincusion, and your doll has quite a bit of character to her! Love the carrot colored hair!

  4. Glad you're feeling better. Loving the picture of your pups watching those oystercatchers!
    It's great the way you can just rustle up a pincushion or a madam!

  5. The pin cushion is quite stable to use too, which is a bonus. A good stocking filler for stitchy friends.

    Laura has now put the madam on Facebook! I am going to make a few more and then figure out a body. Christmas bits are still calling!!

  6. The pincushion is lovely. I was surprised by the videos of Marie Roper and her dolls as I have a horror of dolls usually but was quite taken with hers. Your is a great effort.


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