Sunday, 5 December 2010

A Finish, a Start and a Date, or Two.

Yesterday I finished this little table centre.  All the fabrics were hand dyed by Maggi at To Dream To Stitch.  I hand pieced and quilted it and it is from a pattern called Solar Eclipse that one of my ladies had done at sewing group and I admired very much.  Piecing bias curves is not as hard as it seems when it's done over paper. 16.5 inches.  It goes fab with the bowl Maggi.

I signed up to Lisa Walton's new beading class that starts in the new year at Dyed and Gone to Heaven.  I'm just OK with beading but I'm also always willing to gather new information and expand ideas!

Also the Friday Night Sew In this month has two dates.  This Friday the 10th and also the 17th of December.  I'm almost done with Christmassy things so I will hopefully be using the time to catch up on other things that have been put aside.



  1. Glad that you were able to use the fabric. The table centre looks great. looks great. The beading class looks interesting.

  2. Love the centre piece! See you at FNSI.
    Merry Christmas

  3. That piece is awesome! Perfect fabric for that pattern!

  4. Thank you ladies. I'm now missing a small hand stitch piece to just pick up and do! I'll have to find something.


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