Wednesday, 8 December 2010

MM3 and Robins

We have made a leap forward in this weeks MM3 and the end is in sight, I think, unless Chris and Barbara are going to throw in a curve ball!  I do love these fabrics and will definitely have to make something more with them.

On Monday I went and helped hang the paintings for the exhibition.  43 great pieces of art plus my 6 that aren't actually for sale!  I think they were pleased with the bits I made to help with funds though.  Nina would like the aquarium cards framed and set up as pictures instead and I also made these robins from a pattern of Helen's from Bustle and Sew.  As they are her pattern I don't want to sell them but will ask for a charitable donation instead.  That is if there are any left, Nina keeps pinching them.



  1. I agree with you that the fabrics do look great together. The robins are just too cute.

  2. The robins are adorable! And love that block!

  3. The fabrics in the block are gorgeous and it turned out very well. Yes those robins are very cute.

  4. LOVE the robins! and those fabrics really look tremendous in your Mystery Monday block. And I thought the combination of Maggi's fabrics and your placement and stitching that you showed in the previous post was most covetable.

  5. The robins were a sell out and have all gone to loving homes!!


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