Tuesday, 22 February 2011

And Today Has Been Mostly Spent...

Making this bag...

It's from the series 6 Quilting arts DVD and has two pockets on the outside and is nice and roomy.  I added an extra pocket with a zip on the inside too.  The original was made with all those bright Amy Butler type fabrics but I'm not really into them so I chose some Jinny Beyer and a couple of Alex Anderson Whisperings (recognise them Maggie?  You sent them ages ago and I have been using them!)

And this case to go in the bag.

The case was made in some curtaining sateen I had and is quite a vivid blue that would just not photograph well.  I made it large enough to carry my sketchbook, watercolours and a few other bits when we go out and about.  I'm going to try and find this spontaneity thing I'm supposed to fill sketchbooks with lol.

Julie you are set to no reply so I can't email you.  There's nothing badly wrong with my wrist as yet but I do have a spot of tendinitis, De Quervains I believe, that flares up when I do a lot of hand sewing.  The support is a sports one from the supermarket and was just white.   It helps a lot and saves me lots of pain and the ability to drop things when I forget it especially hot pans and heavy crockery!



  1. Great size bag Amo, and lovely fabrics

  2. I have been wondering what you have been doing with those fabrics! Love the tote bag and the sketch book cover. Isn't funny how you have to so prepared to be "spontaneous"!


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