Thursday, 10 February 2011

Slow Going

And now it’s raining!  We have a frame up but no glass in so it’s rather damp in my workroom to be.

Not a lot of action in the making department, I’m still feeling very unsettled.  I did need to cover an A4 ring binder though so I had a little practise on Ari and was quite pleased with how tight I could go.

This book arrived in the post so of course I want to go and play!  NO room!! Patience patience.  (The title is a bit gangsterish don't you think! )

Barbara, I am hoarding the MM4 instructions and will catch up as soon as!  Still not decided on those fabrics yet though.

Yesterday I had a morning with my ladies.  We haven’t been together since the beginning of December because Heather, who usually holds the groups, is still very poorly.  It was strange having quite a few of all four groups together but it made the hired hall quite lively!  I had to do a show and tell with the tops I had been doing on Ari. 

For anyone doing the Friday Night Sew In the next virtual gathering is the 18th of this month.  See the button on the right.

We’re still excited about the family news, No Elsa I don’t make dresses, No Maggi and Benta I don’t wear hats! Lol!  Here’s a quick glimpse of the ring and doesn’t she look literally on top of the world!

Lastly, I know we are in aviation but do you think I should be worried that there is a Harrier Jump Jet in our eBay watch list?



  1. That quilting is amazing!! and I love the ring x

  2. Harrier beats a stretch limo for wedding transport ... And there won't be room for the bride's mother's hat, so two birds with one jump jet (my favourite plane - ibsat in one at brooklland museum, and came over all unnecessary :-)

  3. *I sat*

    iPad invented ibsat all by itself!!!

  4. WOW... what sensational news.... how exciting!
    I wish them all the very best. :)

  5. Amazing quilting! Did you draw the design first, or is this freehand?

  6. I adore the quilted cover, its gorgeous. Sorry for the ignorance, but whats Ari?

  7. Your notebook cover is gorgeous! Elsa does look on top of the world!

  8. The book cover is amazing and Elsa looks so content. You may find that, if you get hooked on the dyeing, that you can't do without Tray Dyeing by Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan of Committed to Cloth!

  9. I just caught up with the happy news, what better day than Valentine's to do so and what could be more romantic than your own jump jet.


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