Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Plate Glass and Pasta Bags

I added some gyrocopter bubbles to my SAH Robin for this month, silk ones of course.  Don’t ask me why, I was feeling quirky.  I also had some silk tops lurking so I couched them down too.  Nothing wrong with a little surrealism!  Couldn't to do too much as we still have a few months left.

The end of last week was so wet everything came to a halt on the conservatory.  Of course Saturday was absolutely glorious and Spring was so strong in the air.  We had a total muck out of all the building grit and dust and the windows were wide open with the fresh air and birdsong.   Yesterday was dry enough again for Andy to at least put on the roof which has helped with today's morning downpour.  He is now fitting the glass, in the rain, and we will hopefully have a weather tight room by this evening and the heaters can go in to dry it out.  It’s becoming exciting, even Tully has her new bed ready for her days of dosing while I play.

Thank you for all the lovely comments about the folder cover.  It really was a quickie play.  Julie, Ari is Ariadne the longarm quilting machine.  It really is just as easy to mount up a small section of fabric and use the longarm as it is to sit at the Bernina.  It’s more like drawing though and great fun.

Thank you for the book list Maggi, I will look into them.  A girl can never have too many books.  Or fabric.  Or shoes.

Unfortunately the Harrier was pulled from Ebay.  Apparently those of us with the odd 100k lurking under mattress (ha ha) and who were likely to buy it would be full of evil intentions and convert it for use in our own world domination plans. 

Last week Nina, Gilly and I were invited to for lunch with Jacky.  Whilst there we had a good arty natter, Nina runs the pastel group Gilly and I attend and Jacky has a dabble with paints too but she also has a pottery studio and has done some amazing pieces including the entire dinner service and extras that were all around her kitchen and used for lunch.  The reason for the lunch though was for Nina to photograph Jacky’s three lovely Labradors so she could portrait them as a birthday gift.  It was a great afternoon chasing dogs around trying to convince them to pose, not to eat all the Bonios at once and to put on ‘that’ expression that would be paintable.  And a trick to gain ‘that’ expression?  A crinkling pasta bag as ably demonstrated here by Gilly as Nina snapped away at one of the dogs.   

Elsa and Mike arrive this afternoon, post holiday, and I have instructions for roast rib of beef.  I suspect the champagne may come out too whilst we admire the ring.



  1. Love the addition to your SAHR. It's coming along nicely isn't it! :)

  2. Roast Rib of Beef sounds really nice! There's nothing like a good old roast!

  3. Gyrocopters look good. Your SAHR is coming along nicely. Pity about the Harrier, world domination would be good if it was by someone like you.


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