Saturday, 26 February 2011

Small Steps

I've realised how much of my crafting equipment sort of floats around my working area.  I'm now a little reluctant to pile it all in the workroom just yet knowing that both the electrician and the blind fitter will need access to the windows around the back of the desks and units.  I have an idea where everything is and I'm working towards replacing shoe boxes with plastic ones but the bulk of it can stay in the spare room until the moving around has finished.  (Sorry Elsa, your bed is still in there somewhere!)

A finished block 2 of My Tweets.

A book. (Fabulously informative).

And a new rug.

We also have two smelly, muddy dogs thanks to the rather wet start to the weekend that will now need a bath before I can sort anything more and then settle down to an afternoon of rugby!!



  1. Your rug is glorious - any chance you would share where it came from please (imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all that {smile}). thanks

  2. I'm with Bilbo, the Chinese coins rug is lovely!

  3. We had to go and buy some door architrave at B&Q yesterday and we saw it there and thought it ideal. At least I didn't have to choose a colour!!

  4. Thank you for sharing that. I shouldn't be surprised - about 10 years ago we bought a lovely rug in B&Q which was "Courthouse Steps" in browns and greens.

  5. Hopefully the electrician and all will be done soon and you can get settled in your new studio!

  6. Your Tweets block is stunning.... and your work room is so-o-o-o nice. Thank you for your kind comment on my post with Sew We Quilt..sadly I now need to go on diet!!

  7. Another lovely Tweets block. Your new space is great and the rug is a superb addition. Be careful with that book, it leads to all sorts of excesses!


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