Sunday, 6 February 2011


We've had a wonderful week with Elsa and Mike here.  Quite surreal that the past 5 months has just gone and now the next phase of their lives begins as they start looking for a home down here.  First though, they have both gone off for a well deserved holiday skiing and the house has resumed it's calm with the dogs wondering where everyone has gone.

For said trip we had to have a couple of days shopping of course.  There is nothing worse for a young lady's demeanour than being confined to a gritty, mass laundered uniform 24/7 for weeks on end!  Girly stuff was the order of the day and a nice cooling down session for the wallet afterwards!  On one of the trips John did buy me this mug so I had a look in too.

Friday and Saturday I finally put the Waves quilt on Ari and had a go with a pantograph and I finished the binding this morning.

Again it was more of a learning curve with seeing how doing a panto needs thought.  The rule of  'if the piecing or fabric is too busy, don't knock yourself out with the quilting' went out of the window though.  You can't really see the pattern of shells in the photo but I'm quite pleased with it.  I used YLI invisible.  I haven't used invisible on such a large scale before and had no idea what colour to use on this multi coloured top so it seemed a good opportunity to see how Ari would take it!  Like a dream of course, loving that HQ machine!

I'm having a quick scoot around the blogs and then catching up on two weeks of Lisa's beading.  Have a good Sunday.



  1. Looks like you are Ari are well bonded! Love the quilt!

  2. Well done - that quilt looks amazing! Are you an experienced long armer (so to speak!)

  3. Thanks Maggie and congrats on starting the new blog too!

    Hardly Jacky, I've only just bought the thing. But I do like it, lots!! lol

  4. Wow, that quilt is amazing! Stunning work.

  5. L.o.v.e the Waves - fab colours :-). Does your post mean that your daughter is back for good? I hope so


  6. Stunning quilt, it looks so three-dimensional. Good luck to Elsa and Mike in their house hunt.

  7. Wow...fabulous work - so vibrant!

    Have to confess though...I'm baffled by 'Ari', 'HQ' and 'pantograph' - I still have a lot to learn.

    Congrats to the happy couple BTW :-)

  8. What an amazing quilt. The colours are brilliant and just dazzle.


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