Friday, 25 February 2011

Where This Woman Will Create

Last night we managed to sneak in a few of the larger pieces of my workroom furniture.  This is probably the only time you will see it this tidy, there is plenty more to move in!

Of course Tully's bed was one of the first things to be put in, and is hogging the warmth from the radiator, naturally, and you can just see the foam board design wall up above it.

I had been worried that putting in the cutting table would make the space feel small.  On the contrary a 6 foot and quite tall lump is absorbed and hardly makes a dent in the space!  I will be ordering some more units to help organise and hide the clutter along the back wall and a nice rug I think too.  Just the power and lights to go in and the blinds to be fitted.  

And just for Maggie, this is our version of the doggy pedicure.

Have a great weekend, mine is going to be rather busy sorting 'stuff'!



  1. Your work room looks great, with lots of natural light and I would LOVE a cutting cabinet like that. Can't wait to see it all finished.
    Just had to laugh at your dog - what a brilliant pose!

  2. Mine is never that laid back! What an awesome room. How glorious is that going to be in the height of the gardens beauty!

  3. It's really progressed since the last photos - what a wonderful space!

  4. What a wonderful light filled room!

  5. Oooh!! Heaven on Earth! :-)

  6. What a lovely light and spacious workroom! You are very lucky to have this, and I look forward to even more creativity!


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