Monday, 31 January 2011

Christmas 2

Christmas 2 was great yesterday.  We had turkey and all the trimmings but I was good and didn’t go overboard with buying all the extra chocolates etc! 

It was really wonderful to see Elsa again, she is so skinny now though!  More to do with extreme exercise than lack of food I may add.  The army doesn’t exactly starve them!  But she has been running virtually half marathons most days and practising Jujitsu.  I think all my exercise genes went into her and Chris.  Two very active children I have!  

We did our bird count on Saturday morning.  It seemed quite low for us this year but we have had Andy all over the front garden all week and he had moved one of the feeding stations.  I also don’t think they like the dumper truck left in their usual line of flight.  Our highlight, apart from a Tree Creeper ,  was a pair of Song Thrush.  Absolutely lovely.

Andy is back to work on the conservatory, the floor is partially suspended now and that will be all the heavy groundwork done.  My head is starting to fill with ideas as it always does when I don’t have access to everything.  As soon as I can work on something though I haven’t a thought in my head!  It’s my age I think.  Hormonal desertion is a pain.

Jen,  I sent you an email but I think your account is on no reply.  I will catch up over on yours soon.

We have an afternoon at the ski centre today.  Well Elsa and Mike are being active and John and I will be sat in the lodge watching! 



  1. Don't you just love when birds feed close to you!
    Different birds here but same feeling!

  2. That first photo of the thrush is so lovely!

    We also had our first proper family gathering yesterday since before Christmas (because of mum being in hospital)....don't think I'll be eating much today ;-)

    Thanks for your lovely message BTW.
    Linda x

  3. So pleased Christmas 2 went well and glad you are continuing to enjoy time with your lovely daughter. Nice birds too.


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