Friday, 21 January 2011

C&G Dying Again!!

Yesterday I put lots of fabrics and threads in dye bags with various mixes and today I have rinsed, washed and ironed them all.  I have a nice stack of fabrics all ready for the next phase of the C&G course now.  I have photos of them all open (!) but it would be a little overpowering to show them all here.  I am pleased with how they all turned out though.
These two are probably my favourites though.  The left one because of the crystalline effect and the right one because I was looking at the sky just after sunset the other night and wishing I could capture the lovely  yellow and blue with a green hue along the horizon.  I think I almost sort of managed it! 

The first block in the Erin Russek My Tweets (see link on the right) has been sewn and washed though the ironing is a little slack!  I haven't strayed very far from her original and I like the colours so far.

In the post this week I received this lovely bundle of Jinny Beyer 1 yard pieces.  She had the most wonderful sale and even after paying VAT to Mr HMRC and the bonus postage to Mr Parcel Force they were all still less than half the price I can buy them for over here.  A couple have been earmarked for the new Mystery Monday which has just started too. 

I also had this through the door today.  I ordered this forever ago when I was doing the machine embroidery course on Quilt University and I had totally forgotten about it.  I'm not sure if I can remember how to do the embroidery thing but I have notes and may be able to figure it out again one day!

And the old little conservatory on the side of the house has come down and Andy is wreaking havoc outside.  This is the beginning of the new big conservatory that will be my workroom.  (Nope, still can't call it a studio!).  It will be 5 x 3 meters of my stuff.

PS  It appears there is a problem with Picasa uploading blurry blog headers at the moment, please excuse mine, I'm working on it!



  1. Glorious dye results, well done! Some great bargains from Jinny Beyer too.

  2. I love the new dyed fabric and the Jinny Beyer. Gorgeous!

  3. A bit of work until you can move into the workroom then!! Enjoy the anticipation :-)


  4. Loving all the colours! And your own room will be heavenly!

  5. SO envious of the about-to-be space - hope there will be a G&T cupboard or shelf as well as display areas for those delicious dyed fabrics!

  6. The fabrics you dyed are gorgeous! Your studio, sorry, 'conservatory' sounds great, as well.

    Isn't amazing that it is cheaper to order the fabrics from the US and it's still cheaper than buying them 'at home'? It's the same for me in Oz...another reason to love the world wide web!

  7. Love the dyed fabrics - should keep you going for a day or two! Good for you having some extra you space. I thought about the Jinny Beyer fabrics too but then got my sensible head on.

  8. I love the dyed fabrics - especially the green one! And I'm jealous of all the goodies the postman has been bringing to you> Looking forward to seeing what you do with them!

  9. I still haven't the courage to cut into them yet. I will stroke them for a little longer!!!!


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