Sunday, 9 January 2011

Déjà vu?

Some of you may remember the saga of the Greater Spotted Woodpeckers last year. Yesterday I looked up from the work I was finishing for my City and Guilds and saw these two frolicking about in the Ash tree.  Male on the right with the red nape.  I only had the small camera and it is taken through double glazed windows, always a challenge.

When I went upstairs later  I glanced out of the window and saw this chap.  Was he watching me???  (Better camera but much further away in the Hawthorn halfway up the back garden.)

I thought he would fly having seen me so I was pleased to have any photo at all.  But if this is the same male we have had for the past three years, I'm surprised he didn't ask to come in!  (There are previous posts on the visits to the garage from a male Sparrow-hawk). 

But he was not fussed and returned to surveying the garden.   It seemed strange that one of the items for my C&G was a woodpecker feather I picked off the lawn after the Sparrowhawk had finished having breakfast last year.

This morning I did a little work on the beading I am working on in Lisa's course.  Very relaxing, my brain is now quite chilled out but I know it will start churning over again soon!! 

I think I might do some slow roast lamb today, a good shove it in and forget about it meal.  Have a good Sunday!



  1. Loving that bead work with the beautiful quilting! Glad you are enjoying our feathered friends!

  2. love the beaded work - lovely quilting, and very pretty colours!

  3. Perhaps you should invite him in for tea! Bead work is looking good.


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