Friday, 28 January 2011

Home and Almost FREE!!!

First of all a quick picture. Andy has moved one of the bird feeders nearer the window and out of the way of his digger and dumper truck and I managed to take a snap of some of the finches.

Who you looking at?!

They are growing quite bold and will even gang up on the very boisterous Starlings.

Please don't forget, if you can spend an hour away from crafting, it's the Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend. I read today they are going to do a survey on Magpies, Crows and Sparrowhawks to find their impact on the decline of the smaller birds. About time too I just hope they include the other corvids. We hardly actually see crows, rooks however have become a bit of a problem.

And the reasoning behind the title. MY LITTLE GIRL IS HOME FROM AFGHANISTAN!!!!

I cannot express how hard the past four and a half months have been, and we were the ones left here in our cosy homes surrounded by the people and things we love!  I know she is going to squeak at me about the photo, (hence birdy ones at the top so they show in Blog Rolls first), but I think it is a lovely one and it is the most recent I have even though it is just before she left!  (Sorry Ess xxx)  We won't actually see her until Saturday as she still has to work today so I'm still bouncing up and down a bit, and we will be having Christmas again on Sunday.  THEN the tree can come down.

Now I just have a problem of finding the bed they are supposed to be staying in under all my stuff dumped on top of it.



  1. Enjoy your family Christmas :-)
    Looks like the birds are enjoying their feast too!

  2. Happy Christmas!, so pleased she's home safe and sound. Have a lovely time


    PS mum was very impressed with your suggestions on the stoles, and keeps going back to ..."as Amo says, I think you should ..." LOL

  3. Merry Christmas, having our daughter come is what makes it Christmas for us no matter what time of year it is.

  4. have a lovely belated Christmas and your daughter does look lovely in the photo, glad she is back safe and sound and I am sure you are a very proud mum.

  5. A lovely photo of Elsa - you deserve to be a very proud, and relieved mum. There seems to be a real abundance of goldfinches around at the moment, my garden is full of them too. And yes, being the good girl that I am, I have done my count.

  6. It was a wonderful 2nd Christmas! Of course it's the company that makes these things.

  7. What a lovely girl! So glad you had her with you for your 'Christmas' celebrations!

  8. Welcome home Elsa! You must be a very proud mum Amanda! x

  9. Best wishes for another Christmas. This time all together!


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