Monday, 10 January 2011

SAHR 6 & 7

Though I sent the photos on to Kate to post on the blog for me, I forgot to blog about them here!!  (Thanks Kate).

SAH Robin month 6.

SAH Robin month 7.

It is totally silk.  Why break a habit! They all had stabiliser on the back though, the green and purple silk velvet is more fluid than the up-cycled grey and burgundy silk.  The inch squares already had the stabiliser on them from the project they were originally made for and the seems helped there too. It certainly has a diagonal movement to it and I think the two colours top left bottom right are weighted right.  I just hope the embellishing part will help me integrate the different fabrics a little!!   I think it's growing on me.



  1. Hi Amo, I am loving this - just want to be able to stroke it!!!

  2. I must get mine done too. Yours is looking good and when it's finished you'll be happy I'm sure.

  3. Am consumed with guilt at falling behind with my SAHR - however, I do remember where I put the fabrics etc so hope to catch you up soon. Must also remember to take pics and send to Kate ... less G with the T I think!!

  4. I want to be able to stroke this!

  5. This is looking quite balanced value-wise and I think will look great after embellishing!

  6. I think it's growing on me the more I look at it, especially with the distance of a photograph. I'm having ideas of what I'd like to do, I just have to wait to see what Kate asks us to do!!


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