Thursday, 6 January 2011

On an Even Keel

I know last night was 12th night and all the decorations are to come down but we are keeping some of ours up for a little while longer.  There is method in our madness and all will be revealed in time so please forgive us for a bit, we’re not the sad type who leaves them up because there is only 353 days left!!!

I have managed to tackle the room where all my ‘stuff’ is.  Finally all the Christmas ‘stuff’ is away and it has revealed all the other ‘stuff’ that was underway beneath it.  I have sorted through my cotton fabrics thanks to 5 x 33 litre Really Useful boxes (it’s not a vast collection of fabric, I’m quite strict with buying, but do I now buy more boxes or actually use some of the fabric...hmmm), replaced all the silks, velvets, tweeds and felts into their respective places, rewound rogue threads and put tools in their pots or drawers.  I feel much more in control.

Lisa’s online beading class started last night with some good videos, I’m looking forward to seeing where this little journey takes me.  I have only one quilt top left to quilt on the Avante and then it will be idle for a while.  I know some of my ladies have been enquiring about it; perhaps I should bite the bullet and do some just to keep my hand in. All the larger show dates are in the diary and I’m just searching around for the smaller ones to add.  We might actually visit a few too!

My back has been on and off over the past couple of days but I’m hoping I’m winning and the diet has lost me 4lb since the start of the year. (Just T – G in the evening Barbara!).  

We did take the dogs down to Studland beach the other day.  It was as grey as grey could be so I will leave you with a few photos, don't forget to click to enlarge.  Today I have promised a whole day of study!
Poole Harbour

Brent Geese

Only bath water is nasty.

Mother Nature's sculpture

Ever the opportunist

Isle of Wight Needles head on

Old Harry Rocks

Corfe Castle


  1. Such beautiful photos! I could feel the wind whipping at my face, and the smell of the sea!
    Good job getting organized, I need the inspiration!

  2. Well done for the weight loss - have you packed it away in one of those 33litre boxes, or was that just the T? You may have to send diet details in this direction! Enjoyed the pics, very calming and uplifting when viewed from up here.

  3. Lovely photographs - well done on the weight loss, not easy to do! We are still ploughing through the Christmas biscuits and sweets that came into the shop! x

  4. It was a lovely walk and Ruger was still galloping along the sands in his sleep in front of the fire later.

    Not having the last biscuits and sweets still around helps hugely Jacky and I think the lack of G too Barbara. Well maybe a little on at the weekend. Everything else in moderation, it's not rocket science, just willpower!! (Do I have enough though??)

  5. Congratulations on the loss. You should definitely buy more boxes, they always come in handy.


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