Monday, 24 May 2010

A Day in the Sunshine

We did the thing we like doing the most yesterday, pottering.  It was hot and glorious and just right for being busy doing nothing.

This madam was having a sneaky snooze on the little bench by the feeders first thing.

And shortly after Foxtrot and Oscar had moved in.  You can probably tell, we don't use the bench, the birds and animals do!!

There are fledglings in one of the trains.  They wouldn't dare go for them but that doesn't stop them being interested!  Kept them quite for ages.

A rather rare photo of me up at the G&T hut with some of the family.

I did a little gardening but I'm not going mad, Brian will be here later in the week.  I used to work with a woman who had Wednesday mornings off so she could clean her house before the cleaner arrived in the afternoon.  I'm not that daft! 

Looks promising in some parts.

Ths is the rather innocent but highly scented tree peony we have scattered around.  Beauiful leaves too.

And Clematis Elsa Spathe doing her thing on the pergola while she waits for her partner rose Blush Noisette to catch up.

John is out fishing today, somewhere around The Needles I expect.  The dogs have their sun cream on and the tee tree spray so I'm off to finish a dragonfly.

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  1. Beautiful photos, wonderful what a bit of sun can do for us. Thanks for sharing.


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