Tuesday, 25 May 2010

That's Not the Sky!...

It's the window!  Ooops.  Big bang on the window this morning and this little swallow was recovering on the doorstep.

He did pull himself (or herself) together after a few minutes and fly off but I was ready to leap Superwomanish on any cat that happened to come onto the patio for a while there.  I wonder if he/she was in more shock at suddenly being on the ground and stationary, they live such frantic lives.  And would you look at that blue colouring!  fabulous!

Mind you, not quite a fab as this fellow who landed on the roof outside the study this time last year.

Now that's a blue! 

Last night we were up at the G&T hut after sunset watching the bats.  It's stunning how fast they fly!  I sometimes wonder if we mere mortals could actually see some of the things that share our air whether we would be able to function.  The bats and their echo location live such a different spectrum to us, as I guess a lot of the animal kingdom does.  But add the radio waves we put there and the phone signals and even this blog post comes through the ether via a WIFI system that bounces around the house and then through a satellite dish, over to Turin in Italy and back again.  Perhaps its best we don't see those things we can't!!!  

I did the Chelsea Chop on the sedums today and a few others before I had to have physio and acupuncture.  On the drive in to Wimborne we noticed the damage from the Spindle Ermine Moth caterpillars has started.  Huge blocks of grey web in the hedgerows leaving nothing but twigs.  The hawthorn and blackthorn are filling the gaps but it still takes time and the webs are so horrid to look at. 

We had a delivery of 50kgs of bird seed this afternoon too and now the garage smells of aniseed rather than oil.  Much nicer!! We also bought a new plastic bowl to replace the paint roller tray that had served so well as a watering station for them, the terracotta died in the frosts and it was also easier to twist the frozen ice out.

Stitch mag arrived and I am quite relived that there was nothing in it that insisted I make it.  Next months however looks dangerous!  I've just bought a load of small bells and I like the look of the biscornu canvaswork!! Well it was cooler here today, it has been about as much as we can bear really, but that's what so good about living in the UK, a little bit of everything through the year and just when you've really had enough....it changes. Usually.


  1. A beautiful iridescent blue swallow, and where did the peacock come from? Interesting thought about what would happen if we could see or sense with sonar - I think we're bombarded with enough as it is though!
    Hope the physio went well, and how do you find acupuncture?

  2. I don't know Stitch Magazine, although I am not really a sewer (is that a word?!)

  3. What a beautiful blue swallow, and then to see your handsome peacock visitor. It sounds rather exotic, though they can be pets here in California. I came over from frogs, dogs and ferns blog and am glad to meet you.

  4. The farm just over the hill from us has several peacocks and this one went wandering. They make an eerie noise this time of year first thing in the morning. He stayed about four days but that's as close as we could get to him. I think he went back to being a pheasant for a while!
    Sewer is a word Lyn, in both senses!! Perhaps needlewoman (person) is better! :-)
    Hi Terra, nice to meet you too. Welcome to our little patch. :-)

  5. Oh Dan, acupuncture, interesting. Never had it before. No pain just a slight tingle when it reaches the tight spot in the muscle and then that is only for a second or two. I assume it must do something as the muscles are much looser afterwards. I'm willing to carry on with it as part of the treatment as it has an actual physical effect, if you know what I mean!

  6. Glad the swallow survived the crash - our two ginger hooligans are currently eyeing up our house martins and making a plan, having worked their way through a wide range of other feathered visitors. Also wanted to say that I love the concept of a G&T hut!

  7. How lucky for the swallow to have survived an for you to have been able to take such a wonderful photo.

    I have heard about doing that to sedums - I think it was Carol Klein - but I always feel too mean to do it. Does it really work?

    You spotted the pincushion too in next months Stitch then!

  8. The G&T hut is at the highest part of the garden and faces west. Great place at the end of the day to just sit.

    I only do the Chelsea chop to the ones who are definitely going to flop a little Maggi. You have a lot more compact, smaller flowers that don't end up a bedraggled mess over everything else.

    Yup, that pin cushion looks a bit yum!! I even have the Shisha after doing Arabesque too. lol


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