Saturday, 22 May 2010

I Managed to Stitch... A Little

My sewing group has a stall in the craft marquee at a local country show in August and there are usually things for the children to sew and things for sale to raise money for local charities.  I'm trying to do a few bits to contribute and today I managed to put together some tea cosies.

That was between doing a few other bits around the house and meeting the new gardener.  Yes I succumbed!  John has been trying to convince me to have a gardener help a couple of times a month.  I really am struggling with the knee, just when I think I'm getting somewhere, PING, off it goes.  I was just scared of not finding a plantsman type gardener.  Most around here seem to be the hack and slash kind.  I like my garden!!   Anyway, this one seems nice and he starts next Wednesday.  More power to my knee!

The cuckoo(s) have been regular and in voice most mornings about 5.30.  The willow fluff from the river has been thick in the air and the garden is now leaping forward.  We have a Rosa rugrosa and some of the dog roses out and the rest won't be far behind now.  At the moment the garden is full of the scent of the tree peonies.  Delicious even if the plants are not up to much!!

The BBQ is lit and John has his shorts on.  I may go in the loft for the fans later.  That will then be the end of  Summer!  Happy days!


  1. Very cute tea cosies. A gardener sounds like a good idea.

  2. Sorry your knee is bad and I too think the gardener is a good idea - more time to sew :)
    The tea cosies are lovely and will be snapped up quickly.
    Your garden sounds beautiful, I've never heard of tree peonies - will have to look them up.

    thank you for the lovely message - Judy x

  3. I love those tea cozies! Hopefully the gardener will be great, give you lovely suggestions and do all your hard work. You can sit and sip tea and enjoy your garden!

  4. Oh your tea cozies are pretty. I would have to choose the pigs, though all are fun. I hope you raise lots of money for charity.

  5. Thank you Ladies. I'm quite pleased with the cosies myself. I hve enough fabric left over from each, they were only a fat quarter, to make a trivet for the pot and I have the heat reflective wadding to go inside too. Should make nice sets.


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