Friday, 28 May 2010

Feed Me! to Dali

This morning the starling babes were lining up and making their demands. I know they can be a pain but we have more than enough space and feeders and the other birds will actually push them out of the way and, to be honest, when they fly in the evenings it makes your heart fly with them. A couple of years ago we only had about 8 and they used to flit, last year there were possibly 50 or so, This spring there was quite a cloud silently dancing in the perfect formation only a starling flock does. I don’t need all of them in the garden mind! But we’d rather have them than the rooks!

I had an Embroiderers Guild meeting and workshop with Beppy Berlin with bookbinding. It was fab and I’ve put my name down for a possible place in the Autumn for another proper course rather than just a workshop. They are popular enough that there may be a waiting list!

I left early after lunch and took John to visit with Nina at Stewarts Garden Centre where they were setting up for Dorset Arts Week. We did support our local artists, admired other works and had a nice afternoon tea and chat before leaving. I can’t show you what we bought as it’s still on display, maybe in a couple of weeks when it’s free again and home!!

On Sunday I managed to miss the fourth and final (for now) Modern Masters on Dali. I was really upset about this as we can’t have iplayer because of the satellite broadband that bounces through Italy. We’re not English apparently!! Tonight John was looking through the Sky box for a recording and I spotted that I had actually recorded it!! Thank goodness for that lovely little box! What a programme. Great stuff! I know if you read the blogs on it, it has been slammed, but only by those who have their noses so far up their own personalities that it doesn’t matter. For John and I, mere mortals, it was a great series.

We missed the first on Warhol, so have no comment on that one but the other three; Matisse, Picasso and Dali were great. The thing that came across to me the most I think was the amazing ability of their artistic talents at such an early age. They could all produce classic masterpieces and then explored and expressed themselves their own way. You have to know the rules before you can break them. They didn’t slap it around and call it art, they knew art and then slapped it around. Puts a lot of today’s so called wannabes right in the shade.

Tomorrow a trip to Salisbury for some bits for the car and a summer wardrobe for the dogs. Then I have some playtime with Bob!!


  1. I love starlings, they are to me the delinquents of the bird world and because of that, so entertaining. Your bookbinding course must have really inspired you. I'm really getting into books at the moment. I missed all the Arts programmes so I will have to wait until they repeat - so many people have said how good they were.

  2. I love just hitting a button and the Sky box doing it's thing but it means I can't send you a video of the recordings!! Win some, lose some. At least there is no searching around though loads of similar black boxes trying to find the one that now has football on it instead!!lol


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