Saturday, 15 May 2010

Nice From the Postman

While we were away several bits arrived.  The first was the Product of the Month from The Thread Studio .  A great way of having tasters of new products. 

And a very new product indeed were the Pinmoors.  I have a complex wall quilt I'm working on and there are lots of pinned on parts.  Yesterday it was on and off the machine and also having hand work done on it. With the Pinmoors I wasn't stabbed so no blood on my work an they stayed in place!  Fabulous things!  They are not available here, yet, but you can order direct from Loretta.

The other couple of deliveries were books.  Layered, Tattered & Stitched by Ruth Rea is a how too book with lots of ideas with transferring, burning and stitching.  

The Celtic, Viking & Anglo Saxon Embroidery is more a reference book from Jan Messent.  She shows you her work and tells you briefly how she did things with ideas to take it further.  A beautiful book that was well worth the long wait!


  1. what fabulous goodies to receive, Ruth's book is lovely and I love the idea of taster packs :) thank you so much for the positives :) very very much appreciated - I'm just a mum who worries way too much ~ Judy x

  2. Oh don't get me started on yet another craft-I can't keep up with the ones I have already ;-D
    Anyway, thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my 1940s post!


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