Saturday, 1 May 2010

Greetings on Beltane

This morning's view from the bedroom window was a little ominous with looming black clouds behind the Down! 

Can't fault the colour of the crop though!  With the Berberis, Spirea and now the Oil Seed Rape in full bloom it's like living in a dusty honey pot.  Everything is yellow and we have the Piriton waiting in the wings.  We don't actually suffer hay fever, thank goodness, but John's eyes can itch if he's worn his contacts and I occasionally have sinus sniffles, usually only about now and the other end of the year when the Atlas Cedar puts forth pollen.

We had to go up to Hanson's for some fabric yesterday (yes a Royal we, it's a lovely drive to Sturminster Newton so John doesn't mind the wait while I shop. ) I have a workshop tomorrow at Paulines Patchwork with Jennifer Trollope. 

On the way we passed some woods just starting into bluebellishness. 

Another week and the green will be almost invisible. I was very pleased to see they were all English, not a Spaniard in sight.

I don't think we have ever known such a year for Blackthon flower.  The sloes should be more than plentiful, I'll start stocking up on the gin now. And a for the dandilions!!!! Sheets of them everywhere.  A strange year so far.


  1. We plan to go bluebell hunting later. I do love to see them in the woods. It has been a very strange year so far, the daffs were late and are still out here but the tulips are also nearly over and bluebells on the way.

  2. Beautiful photos. Everything does seem to be out of synch this year, maybe we are just going to have to get used to unfamiliar cycles.

  3. Lots and lots of blackthorn flowers here too - though no hawthorn blossom yet! And dandelions seem to be early and everywhere. Hyacinths were late; bluebells are on time. Maybe some kind of timetabling issue at Nature Central.


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