Wednesday, 28 April 2010

All OK, So Far

Vet's went well, just their yearlies and check up.  All ready for any holidays now.

MRI was interesting to say the least!  25 minutes of laying still with headphones on.  The machine was so noisy I couldn't hear the terrible music anyway.  I swear my bones were pulsing with it all and my fillings were foaming. I just did one of those focus inward things and though of a sewing project problem.  Results soon.  Probably take a paracetamol and go away.  Thanks for the wishes Maggi and Lyn.

The car behaved strangely on the way home and we had a slow puncture.  At least we made it home.  Still, I have a pastels group tomorrow so John will have something to do going to get that fixed. 

I saw the Sparrow Hawks yesterday doing their mating dance above the house.  I have no problems with them even if they do take a few of the garden birds. They are beautiful and selective and very much a part of our home here. 

This is the male who decided to fly into the garage one day and needed a hand getting out.

And this is his wife with a rather unfortunate collared dove.

And seeing as she is almost half again as big as her mate, John was quite relieved it was the male he had crushing his finger when he had to rescue it rather than her!  The photos were from last year.

We also had the House martins back today though their nests from last year took quite a battering over the winter they'll soon have them fixed up. 

John, you call it fishing, I call it sittinginaboatforhourswaving
andcominghomecoldandsmelly!  But you enjoy I so I enjoy it too. xxx

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  1. Fingers crossed for you while you wait for the results. What awesome photos of the Sparrow Hawks. At least they only kill to eat.


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