Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Post and Progress

Today the post brought me the POM 2 from The Thread Studio Australia, a huge parcel of paint goodies from Rainbow Silks, some new threads from Stef Francis and some bits from Hong Kong via eBay!  Who needs birthdays!! I also managed to sneak some A5 and A6 blank pads onto a stationary order (John don't read that bit) so they will need covers so I think a bit of playing is imminent!

I marked up and did almost a quarter of the final background quilting on Arabesque and did a large scale drawing of another quilt that has been worked on by the little fellas in the back of my head for some time and now needed to come out onto paper. 

A productive day!

Tomorrow I'm off to the V&A with my sewing Ladies so will probably spend most of the trip there nattering and thinking of what I need to do next at home.

Oh, and I won the LQuilts competition for a couple of free lessons with my quilt of Elsa!! 


  1. Congratulations on your LQuilts win, it was well deserved. You are certainly going to have a good time playing with all those goodies. Enjoy the V&A. I can't wait to go later in the year as all the comments so far have been very positive.

  2. I'm glad you won, it was a brilliant quilt xx


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