Sunday, 18 April 2010

Fandabulously Stitchy!

Yesterday morning at 7 am, for the first time ever, I dyed some fabric!!!  It was great and I loved the result.  But I'm not showing you lot yet!  I can feel an urge to dye some more.  I have now realised that there is no need to fear not having just the right colour.  It is there, I just have to dye it myself.  What a great revelation that is!  Something I'm sure a lot of you already know about.

The rest of the day was a major push to finish Arabesque.  This morning I did the last 5 lines of background quilting and washed it.  It is now drying flat on a pile of towels and will then be bound.

I looked at a couple of other projects and started the embroidery from the Stitch magazine I am doing in tandem with Elsa.  I also have the Little Fellas working hard on the next stage of a project using the stuff I dyed. 

I then realised I was having pains in the chest from being hunched over for too long so we went for a lovely drive in Gwen, the '79 SL with the top down out through Shaftesbury on through over the Somerset border and in a large loop back to home.  It was glorious!  Just the right thing to blow away the cobwebs and end a weekend in sunshine.

The garden is moving on a bit now and I loved the colour of these tulips about to open so thought I would share them.

And what do you think of these blousey show offs!  I don't even remember buying tulips that looked like these!!


  1. Dyeing is so addictive. Look forward to seeing the results and of your stitching. The tulip photos are gorgeous.

  2. Your tulips are just gorgeous - are there loads of these in your garden? Looking forward to seeing what you create with your dyed stuff!


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