Saturday, 24 April 2010

And Clouds Come From...?

After a beautiful week of really blue skies they returned!!  The aircraft that is.  John laughed last week when he said his Dad always told him that the aeroplanes made the clouds!!  How silly!!!

Or was it??

It's certainly been hazy again since and all the clouds have a strange straightness to them!!   Vapour trails at dawn, can you tell which direction London is from us????


  1. We were just commenting on this last night. Although I feel sorry for the people who are stuck I felt it was a real privilege to have those few days of quiet, clear skies.

  2. It was beautiful, wasn't it. It will be interesting to see all the results of the tests they were carrying out around the airports during lack of traffic both in the air and on the ground!

  3. What a lovely photo of the sunset.

  4. Same here - really enjoyed the silence and blueness of the skies. Birdsong seemed louder and sweeter while the aeroplanes were grounded.

  5. a very beautiful photo - planes don't really affect us here in Kinross - except when they're not flying -one of my daughters was stuck abroad for a week :) wasn't too serious though. Thank you for the lovely message too - Judy xxx


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