Friday, 16 April 2010

V&A ...

Was great! 

We arrived after a smooth journey just as the doors opened.  Went through baggage check and down to the Quilts hall.  A five minute wait for everyone to catch up and then we were allowed in.

The exhibition was well laid out and, because they monitored the flow of people in, not crowded either.  Yes the lighting was low and some of the boards explaining the quilts were hard to read but that was small fry. 

After the exhibition and a cup of coffee we went up to see the textiles and the Jewellery (drool) then down to the fashion exhibition.

A quick sit down then out to meet the coach which pulled up just as we stopped.  Everything was timed to perfection!

If I could take a quilt home with me?  A hard choice between one of the Welsh whole cloths or Liberty Jack.

But....  the bit I enjoyed the most and would love to go back for was the textile room.  pulling out those boards and seeing the fabric was fantastic and quite inspiring!!!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it :o) By the time we got there there was only time for the Quilts exhibition, shopping and then the train home again. I would have loved to spent a whole day in there!!


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