Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Sunday

As Sundays go, yesterday was pretty good!

Elsa and I made her another knitting needle case.  The last one I made was stolen, sadly.  There is now someone out there with a very personally made item who probably has no idea what it is!  Never mind, this is the one we made together.

It's lovely bright, zingy batiks to go with the travelling sewing bag I made her for Christmas.  She nearly has the kitchen sink in it, but not just yet.

And how a table should look before Sunday lunch!

And before I forget, this is the cushion Elsa sewed that I beaded and made up for her.  I think it's lovely!

Have a good holiday Monday doing what yo want to do!


  1. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog...I saw the picture of your table and mine is more should see it though when i am actually embroidering..this is just when I am having a tidy up..

    Love you view, it is stunning, but must be so cold I have an english daughter in law who is going over to visit soon and is hoping for nice weather....

    I have noticed that the work of the ladies from UK are a really high standard, and very you all begin embroidery at preschool to become that must have access to high standard teaching from a young age.

    Hope the weather improves soon. It is really warm for autumn here in Australia.

  2. Hi Shirley. Nice to see you over here! I like the shadows in the heading photo and a reminder of the coldest winter we’ve had in years. Not sure I want to update it really. Weather has now been wonderful.
    I’m not sure about English being better; I’m certainly following some other very talented non English, and especially Australians!! I started at my Nan’s knee at about 4, just wish I had her finesse though.
    Enjoy your Autumn, we were there, WA, for your Spring and it was wonderful!


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