Saturday, 3 April 2010

A Quickie Catch up

Not a lot has been happening here the past couple of days apart from the gales!  We lost another branch off the Atlas Cyprus but this time only a small one.

We had this helicopter hovering over the barn you can just see through the trees on the other side of the valley for a good 15 minutes and I had just fired up the camera to use it's zoom to see what it was doing when a kestrel decided to join in!  I know it's a poor picture but it was literally a long shot.

On Wednesday the frost was quite sharp and I managed to capture some of the crystals on the bathroom window before the sun hit them.  They're just like frozen feathers, again much nicer in reality but I thought I would share a couple of them.

We have Elsa and Mike down with us for the week ahead and we will probably be busy, I know bowling is on the agenda already, and hopefully lots of other nice things to share. 

Have a good long weekend!

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  1. I hope you are having a lovely Easter Break, it's been sunshine and showers here but we are making the most of it. (Thank you for the comments on my blog too)
    Love the icy photos!


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