Friday, 9 April 2010

And Today We...


John and Mike had to go up to Swindon for bits for the car so Elsa and I played a little. She has been practising her knitting lately and she is enjoying it enough to make things for her new home. 

Today she turned this...

Into these...

 All hand knitted and stitched by her. 

She also liked the pattern in the Stitch magazine this month so I made her up a kit to take home with her on Sunday and we will be making one up each together. 

I really enjoy sharing these things with my daughter!!

We also managed to squeeze in boning a leg of lamb packing it with herbs and garlic from the garden and having it on the BBQ most of the afternoon with lots of parcelled veg that was just yum for dinner!

I also received in the post today the Minis part 2 from Quilters Haven but that will have to wait until I can concentrate!!


  1. Lovely cushions, she is obviously a chip off the old block. Great pics of the garden antics in your last post too.

  2. Thanks Maggi. I am very proud of her and love sharing these times. I couldn't even contemplate a tiny part of what she does for a day job, the crafting is such a contrast!


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