Saturday, 17 April 2010

Journal Quilts

I was having a quick sort around and found these three journal quilts I did at the end of last year.

Undine Elemental

Earth Elemental

Fire Elemental

That was September, October and November and I didn't finish (or even start) December!  I really should do Air.  It's just unbalanced not having four elements!!


  1. These are just fabulous each one is so unique ! i love the fire one. So what size or these ? would love to know what went into them !! have a great weekend !

  2. Hi Michelle, they are A4 size (hope you remember what that size is!!!!) and made mostly with silks and a few bits of batik with machine embroidery and a little beading. W~eekend is going great, very stitchy. Hope yours is too!!

  3. These little quilts are just amazing - you really must do the Air one - they will make a fabulous set mounted as one piece!

  4. What research ! I like very much these quilts , they are wonderfull. Colours are very pretty . Me too, I have made the 4 elements but in bobbin lace. Good afternoon.

  5. Thank you for visiting and commenting Odile. You have beautiful things on your blog!!


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