Saturday, 10 April 2010

Last Full Day With Visitors

Elsa and Mike go home tomorrow.  Still, we've made sure we've put them to work today.

I have been over the moon to have Elsa help in the garden.  My knee is playing up and I have an appointment with the surgeon again next week.  Not sure if it will be fixed this time but I always hope.  In the mean time I pottered a little whilst Elsa turned the mess of the winter compost bins...

Into organised and turned future fodder.  Four lots out onto the garden and the rest turned and mixed with the mowing's to cook away. 

Mike and John have been in the garage tinkering for hours.  The W108 managed to drive out under it's own power! It had to go up and down the road a bit to settle the suspension as it has been on stands so that meant John could drive Gwen out!!  She's been stuck in the corner whilst the W108 (yet to be pet named) has been rebuilt and sorely missed on beautiful days like we have been having.

Not a lot of needling today apart from a little more on Arabesque.   I hope to be on the final quilting of that soon.  Now for another evening of the BBQ, it's almost desperation grabbing the sun while it's here!

Oh, we did have the company of Izzy up on the G&T hut.  He came up the garden like a galleon in full sail and then parked but then he never, ever really does much else.  The Somali's may be a little unhinged but Izzy is just plain cantankerous.  In a loveble way of course.

And we had our first Magnolia Stellata out.


  1. It sounds like the perfect Spring day, except for the knee of course. I hope they can fix it for you.

  2. So do I Maggi. I am becoming more fond of weeds though! And of course it means I have to sit down more... and stitch. :-)

  3. Sounds like you got plenty done - the extra daylight really does make a difference! Glad you had time to relax and make the most of this beautiful weather with another barbecue too.
    Hope the knee is soon on the mend!

  4. My what an impressive looking cat!

  5. Maine Coons have that delusion about themselves too! :-)


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