Sunday, 30 May 2010

A Productive Saturday

My not yet finished Kingfisher I was painting at pastels on Thursday, I hope to do some more on this today to finish it. 

The other thing to sew in last times Stitch magazine.  It can now reside in the growing pile of things that have no home!!  I did not enjoy the making of the wings!  In fact they probably added quite a few weeks to the project as I didn't want to face them!  But it's done now and not lurking in a corner of the room.

And I made some more tea cosies.  They were a bit of fun to make!!

Also in the post was a Goldwork kit from Golden Hinde to try and fit in, some bits from Rainbow Silks and some hand dyed felts etc from 21st Century Yarns.  I think I'd better go and play to reduce the pile a little. If it dries up enough we're going to Chettle House for their open Garden and Craft day.


  1. Wow, your kingfisher is beautiful - you seem to be able to turn your hand to anything! Did you manage to get to Chettle House? You would hardly believe the past two weekends occurred in the same fortnight when you look at the difference in weather and temperature!

  2. Your kingfisher is stunning. I like your stitched piece.

  3. Your Kingfisher is a great painting..and love your tea cosies. I agree with your thoughts on the wings in your other picture...I find that work very fiddly.

  4. Thank you Ladies. I did finish the painting and we did go to Chettle!


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