Monday, 29 March 2010

After the Weekend

It's Monday.  I usually try and keep house on Monday's.  At least that's theory.  So I'm sitting here looking at paperwork that needs filing and the dust that needs writing in and the floors that need a sweep.  All in good time!

Friday's meal out was nice, unfortunately the clouds had moved in so no sign of stars that night.

Saturday I bound the Tea Ceremony quilt and it's now on the back of the settle with other things that have no other home.  I also managed to do a little more on Naturaliste and, whilst merrily free machining, put the needle through my finger.  Three times.  Well actually the first two were through the skin layer on the side of my first finger but the third time was through the slightly fleshier bit beside my middle finger nail. A lot more tender but could have been worse.  I have written out in my head 'I must pay more attention' a hundred times.  Honest.

We had a lovely, brief surprise visit on Saturday morning from a Frenchman!  Well a French partridge.  We have quite an avian garden and a good list of more unusual visitors from Peacocks to Blackcaps including photos most of the time.  We have lots of regular visits from Pheasants and there are plenty of Partridge out in the lanes, they just are too shy to come into a garden usually.  He'd gone by the time I had the camera.  Whilst lurking in the hope of him coming back we did spot this little fellow on the pampas.

Every single time he managed to rip off a beak full, he bragged about it to his mates watching from the hedge and all the bits fell out.  He was there for a good 15 minutes and we sent most of the time laughing.  It's moments like this that make leaving the now very tatty pampas alone for as long as possible worth it.

John spent most of Saturday rebuilding the head of the W108 again.  He has it well and truly fixed this time, all the little glitches he wasn't happy with and that kept him awake are now sorted.  A bit of a faff but worth it just for piece of mind.  We did actually have it out of the garage last week in the hope of taking the SL out but it wasn't to be.  But the weather has turned again and having an old convertible out in nasty weather is not a good idea.

Yesterday I drew and really enjoyed myself!  The book is just a workbook and now I'm thinking I may buy the first one for the actual theory, we'll see.  I enjoyed drawing upside down very much and was pleased with the results too. 

I suppose I had better go and confront the duster...

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  1. Ouch - three times suggests that you might need to change your glasses. Lovely story about the nest builder, had me giggling.


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