Thursday, 25 March 2010

I Did Warn You

Yesterday I awoke with a rather swollen eye.  Not too sure why, it didn't hurt or itch, it just was.  Perhaps I had put some cream in it the night before when getting ready for bed and it reacted.  Anyway, it's all better today and I could finally finish the Tea Ceremony quilt top. 

As I said, I made a pattern for the centre and then decided to let rip free motion!  I am a terrile stickler for things being just so.  I find it very hard to just be free.  I was so tempted to draw the feathers either directly onto the fabric or, again, on the Golden Threads paper, but I didn't!  I did draw the spine but everything else was made up as I went along and I really quite enjoyed myself! I only bought the top to use as a pratice piece anyway and I certainly worked out a few motions with this one!  I did the dark red in straight lines and vermicelli as a contrast to the feathers. The thread was King Tutt and I really like the build up of colour along the spines.  I still don't like the actual colours too much though.



Drawn centre and free feathers

Just the binding and it can go in the pile of 'Now What Do I Do With It?'s.


  1. Brilliant and the feathers are superb.

  2. That's very kind of you Maggi! I still find it painful to look at!


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