Saturday, 6 March 2010

A Full Head.

The days have been beautifully bright but the chill is still there!!! Come on Spring, keep trying!

I had the most appalling night’s sleep last night. Yes I probably had too much wine, it was Friday after all, but I have so much going on in my head it’s quite painful. Gilly rang and said, as it was such a beautiful day, would I like to go to Shaftesbury. She was right it was a lovely day and she showed me around the crafty shops and the bead shops. After a lunch stop we then went on to a couple of bead warehouses. (And we had the top down as the sun actually had some warmth in it and the heaters in the car are very good!).

I never need encouragement to spend money on craft things and these bead shops just overwhelmed me! I had one of those stupid moments where, even though I have been looking for ages for new and original beads to buy, when they were all there in front of me I couldn’t think what I wanted! I will just have to go back of course, it’s a hard life! I did top up my supplies of basic beads though, a girl can never have enough.

All night the brain has been working overtime devising things to do with the beads I didn’t buy and some things to do with those that I did. John did ask this morning if I was OK as it had been like sleeping in a lighthouse with the light going on and off all night. It was just me going to my sewing room several times to try and push things out of my head and into reality! (Sorry John X). This morning my head hurt phenomenally but, there were a few things laid out on the work table for me to peruse and ponder on today. I’ve started a piece already called Naturaliste. Whether it turns out like the picture I have in mind we’ll have to see but I'll tell you more about that when I’m a bit further along.

Tomorrow we are out in the morning flying 737’s so I won’t be sewing again until much later. The more I can do today, the better I will feel!

Ooo! I found this picture online. It was an over door panel I made in December 2000 at the Adult Education Centre, Christchurch with Elizabeth Law from Bournemouth Stained Glass. I was so pleased to find it on their web site!

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  1. Sounds like a busy night! Hope you're feeling better today. And what a great find (and a lovely piece of work that is!) to discover your glass online.


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