Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Play Day Today

It’s still bright clear and freezing cold! There are the trusty snowdrops and crocus out but not a lot else. We have two daffodils in the back garden but they look so miserable. Everything else is hanging on for as long as possible. When it breaks it should be spectacular! And over in a jiffy.

I have finally had a chance to use the new Superior thread, sent as a replacement by Bob Purcell, on the Jinny Beyer White Nights quilt. It did take a little mental persuasion to actually start again as I had had such problems with the last spool, I grew to hate it! The new spool is a totally different animal! It sews just like the other Masterpiece threads I have and I managed to finish another 24 blocks in good time. I laid it out on our bed to see the size and we decided, even after the borders would be added, it would still need another row of blocks top and bottom. 16 more to do. I’m going to set up to do that today then I can size it, cut the borders and then the inset triangles.

I had another Jinny Beyer quilt arrive this week too. One using her border prints. I was talking with one of the ladies at my sewing group who said she had some of the border prints and didn't know what to do with them. When I was at home later the JB email arrived and in it was this particular quilt. I guess it was meant to be! It arrived in under a week. As usual, things from the States arrive super fast, unless they snag this side with customs, then they take forever.

I also had the first group of Magical Mini blocks from Quilters Haven, Wickham Market arrive. A group of eight, 4 inch blocks mainly made of 1 inch pieces. Fun! I’m glad I will be drip fed them as I think the prospect of the whole lot would be daunting.

Block 7 of the Jenny Rayment BOM was online last week too and I finished that one over the weekend. The instructions were terrible to follow but with a little twiddling, I finally understood what she was meaning.

Arabesque is quilting up well and I have had a micro play with the trapunto. I will save the rest until I have finished quilting. Hard to not do more but I’m trying this thing called discipline. Ha ha!

Naturaliste has the base done but it’s too flat. I’m waiting for a delivery of some new threads and some silk tops to put some depth into it. I think the tops will go on with the embellisher but the threads and yarns I will hand couch before beading. John and I have already decided what will be in the quilting! You’ll have to wait and see for that one. If it works of course.

This is a picture of the first Aquarium I did. All embroidery this time and only 6 inches square where as the one in the earlier post was embellished and 11 inches.

And our great day on Sunday flying a 737!! John had a couple of take offs and landings at Gatwick we then went on to try Funchal, Madeira and I had a landing too! And an engine fire. And a control tower buzz. And an almost stall climb. Why me I don’t know!!

John’s approach into Funchal…

And mine…

I’m off to warm up Bob the Bernina.

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