Monday, 29 March 2010

It Arrived!!!

I ordered The Art of Daniel Merriam: The Impetus of Dreams back at the very beginning of February and it has just arrived.
It had to come from America and they sent it special delivery almost at once.  It didn't arrive.  The sellers told me that it was tracked and that it had had an attempted delivery but had been refused.  The tracking shipment confirmed this though there was no 'we have missed you' card that couriers always leave and someone is nearly always here.  I waited another week for the re delivery, which didn't happen either.  The phone number for USPS is free toll and there was no link to an international number, of course free doesn't work over here for their numbers.

I did a Google search to try and find an international phone number for USPS and was shocked to see a lot of searches coming up about non delivery of parcels from USPS. One post I read suggested trying the tracking number in the Royal Mail tracking which I did and was directed to Parcelforce.  And there it was!!  Arriving back in USA having been allegedly delivered here twice and refused!!

I contacted the seller, they were pleased it was found, I'm sure they could have done a little more to find to themselves that end but there you go, and asked them to re send it, extra special delivery, when it arrived with them.  It did that day.  That was last Thursday.

The delivery man informed John that it was very common for parcels to sit in a large room awaiting customs, not be cleared an sent back to sender.  No attempted delivery, no explanations.  It stinks really, especially as I paid top dollar for good postage!

But it's here and we've both been wowed by his work and the book which is full of pictures. It's going to take ages to finish looking at this one!!


  1. Wow, what unusual and detailed pictures. Very unique - I've never seen anything quite like these before.
    I'm glad you tracked down your book in the end and hope you really enjoy browsing its pages!
    Best wishes

  2. Glad you got your book in the end but I suspect that you won't be using them again.

  3. I liked the pictures better than all that writing stuff.


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