Sunday, 14 March 2010

Birds, Beads and Blogging

It must be almost here! Spring that is. The birds have been up very early singing. The cock pheasant has be displaying to anything that comes within reach, including another cock that we don’t think is all there. His colouring is not right and he’s smaller than the hens. The rookery at the end of the village is starting to build again too unfortunately. They are on the lawn first thing most mornings with the peripheral Jackdaws, I can’t do enough to scare them off. As soon as I have slammed a window and they have gone all the garden and song birds come back. There’s never a one around with the horrid corvids about! The woodpecker is really growing in confidence and standing his ground on the feeders. Or perhaps that should be hanging his perch.

I’ve had a day or two playing with beads again this week. I might actually even finish something! It’s been a bit of an experiment with ultra suede.

I’ve found a new source of online courses, though very few are there at the moment, but I’m now doing, or will attempt to do, a portrait quilt with Pam Holland. I spent an evening looking into other blogs of needle type people. Interesting stuff out there! I have quite a few new blogs, websites and shops added to my lists now.

There was the bidding on a mini quilt in aid of Alzheimer's with the AAQI. I think the Americans are so far ahead with things like medical research that if anyone it going to find a cure for this, then they are. Unfortunately the bidding ended 3am our time and I woke to find my bid had lost out.

I ordered a wonderful, rare book from Chicago a last month and it has been delivered to the wrong address apparently! I checked on where it was and they are having it delivered back to them where they will re send it. Just my luck! It’s not the sort that can be replaced if it goes missing permanently!

On Thursday we painted the bedroom. Finally! It’s now calm hessian colour like most of the rest of the house ready and waiting for the explosion of colour from the Jinny Beyer quilt!

Yesterday I planted out the shallots and broad beans. I also dug up the last of the parsnips, leeks and cabbage. The parsnips saved the hugest until last. I put the 2pints of milk in to give an idea of size. I wasn’t brave enough to cook this one just for the two of us so we had a couple of the smaller ones. John did insist on rib of beef though. (Sorry Mike).

This morning we put the new needle bar back on the Nolting midarm machine. A bit of a panic when we couldn’t remember how it went back together as it has been so long and there weren’t any pre photos taken. It runs, not great mind. I think there needs to be some fine tuning and it’s skipping stitches and the thread is breaking. I don't want to go further at the moment as there is no backup. I’ll give Nolting a ring tomorrow afternoon and they can talk me through some fine tuning.

John had the head back for the W108 this week too. It’s been beautifully cleaned and reseated. Everything is looking promising for some good results on the next round of turning her over! Exhaust is marked and ready for welding and the wheels will be going up to Swindon next week.

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